Bold Commerce Launches Biometric Checkout, Powered by Wink

Bold’s new biometric checkout is powered by software company Wink’s biometric payments and identity platform. As well as embedding biometrics at every stage of the checkout experience, Wink has integrated an extra layer of security for retailers and shoppers to prevent purchases from fraudulent bots and unauthorized accounts.

Bold Commerce Teams With Wink to Offer Biometric Checkout

Bold Commerce introduces its pioneering biometric checkout, powered by Wink, allowing retailers to enhance security and streamline purchases with facial and voice recognition, catering to consumers’ demand for frictionless checkout experiences while eliminating passwords and PINs.

Unlocking the Future: How Companies Can Embrace the Passwordless Revolution

In the wake of increasing cyber threats, businesses are turning to passwordless authentication, with biometrics emerging as a promising alternative. However, selecting the right solution involves understanding the trade-offs and considering factors such as user experience, system costs, and fraud prevention. Wink’s Biometric Authentication stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution, offering enhanced security and advanced fraud protection, paving the way for a seamless transition to a passwordless future.

Fintech Startup with Unicorn Dreams Eyes New Mexico for Expansion.

Deepak Jain said he wants Wink to become a “unicorn” — a privately-held startup company with a valuation at or above $1 billion. It’s a lofty goal set by a lot of startup founders, but Ritesh Agarwal, a partner at CerraCap Ventures who’s helped lead the firm’s expansion into New Mexico, thinks Wink has the potential.