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Our Story

Deepak Jain, a seasoned entrepreneur based in Texas, has established multiple companies in the payments and security sectors. In the summer of 2021, he founded Wink, a pioneering venture on a mission to redefine authentication with biometrics and eliminate the reliance on passwords. With a focus on creating highly secure and seamless interactions between businesses and individuals on any device, Wink is revolutionizing the way identity is verified and transactions occur.

Wink's comprehensive platform leverages the power of biometric authentication, enabling organizations of all sizes to provide their users with a frictionless and secure experience. By eliminating the need for easily hackable passwords, Wink is at the forefront of transforming user experiences and enhancing digital security. With our innovative solutions, businesses can embrace biometrics to establish a future where transactions are effortless and user data is protected.

Deepak Jain invites businesses to join Wink's transformative journey, where they can unlock the potential of biometrics to redefine authentication practices. By partnering with Wink, organizations can embrace a passwordless future and create highly secure and seamless interactions with their customers. Together, Wink and its partners are reshaping the authentication landscape and ushering in a new era of trust, convenience, and peace of mind.



Wink Founding Team

Experienced Fintech Founder and CEO with 3 exits. Founder and CEO at DeviceFidelity until its sale to Square, sold Moneto to Cachet and Founder and CEO at Swych until its sale to Finablr. Holds 50+ patents. Angel investor and advisor to multiple companies. Most recently Global Head of Payments for Finablr, a $2B public company

Deepak Jain

CEO & Founder

Expert in machine learning models, statistical learning techniques, artificial intelligence models, underlying assumptions, mathematical algorithms, relevant datasets and model fitting, classification techniques, and model building for both supervised and unsupervised problem statements.

Geeta Gupta

Head of AI and Data Science

Amit is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive in the fintech, retail tech, and telecom startup space, boasting multiple successful exits. He founded AMplif.IO, a tech consultancy specializing in positioning startups for success in product, revenue, and operations. Amit co-founded Omnyway, known for launching Kohl's Pay and bringing WeChat Pay acceptance to mainstream U.S. retail. He also played a pivotal role in developing the first live streaming platform for U.S. omnichannel retail. With his extensive expertise in go-to-market strategies, product-market fit, strategic partnerships, and fundraising, Amit is a highly sought-after advisor, speaker, and technology evangelist.

Amitaabh Malhotra

Head of Partnerships

Stephanie is a dynamic and innovative marketing professional, bringing over 15 years of hands-on experience in driving impactful marketing campaigns for both B2B and B2C initiatives. With a passion for branding, acquisition, product development, and social media, she has consistently delivered outstanding results. Stephanie has a proven track record of spearheading successful marketing initiatives, including those for companies later acquired by industry giants like Square, Facebook, and Finablr. Her creative approach and strategic mindset make her a driving force in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Stephanie Barrueto

Head of Marketing

Linda is a full-stack web and mobile developer who leads her team in creating authentic, clean, and simply smart software products with great user experiences.

Linda Yang

Head of Engineering

Harpreet is an accomplished Fintech Product Leader with extensive experience driving growth and innovation in digital products and services with revenues ranging from $10M-$5B+ across startups & Fortune companies like Global Payments, PayPal and MoneyGram. Customer-obsessed, visionary, and analytical leader with proven ability to drive and deliver differentiated, value-driven, delightful, and leading-edge customer-centric solutions in Payments, Remittance, Financial Services, Retail and Connected Commerce. Harpreet's expertise spans a diverse spectrum within the payment landscape, core banking, merchant acquiring & issuing ecosystems, including open platforms, gateways, card present/not present, embedded finance/BaaS, and mobile payments. Evidenced history of cultivating and expanding product and technology teams orchestrating global scalable strategies, pioneering green field platforms, and delivering tangible outcomes to customers, partners and stakeholders.

Harpreet Chawla

Head of Growth

Meera Goyal, Wink’s Head of Finance, is an experienced finance executive who relishes the strategy and operational challenges of creating successful start-up ventures from vision through execution. As an alumnus of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Meera led the M&A, Finance and Operations for Swych until the sale to Finablr. She was also part of the Finance team at DeviceFidelity until its sale to Square. She is an angel investor. Meera holds a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Southern California. She is an avid tennis player and lives with her husband and two sons in Plano, Texas.

Meera Goyal

Head of Finance

Customer-centric software executive who helps organizations adopt, optimize, and scale technology solutions that drive business transformation and unlock value in the digital economy. Eric builds a strong culture and operational methods that are responsive and accountable to the voice of the customer. He develops systems and resources that drive repeatable value through the entire customer lifecycle, from discovery to onboarding and enablement. Eric has extensive leadership experience at startups and growth organizations that have empowered brands to harness social and streaming media, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other frontier technologies that are rapidly transforming the ways brands engage, convert, and retain customers.

Eric Berkowitz

Head of Customer Success

Venture Capitalist, seasoned investor, Technology entrepreneur with experience ranging from successful start-ups to large fortune 50 companies. Always looking to invest in Dreamers who can built very successful businesses. Truly believe that process of creation should be joyful even if it is difficult. My Learnings: good businesses can be built upon measuring performance and chasing outcomes, but a legacy is built upon when journey of building a business is joyful, full of empathy and brings communities together.

Ritesh Agarwal

Board Advisor

Mehul Desai was Group CTO at Finablr that includes brands such as Unimoni, UAE Exchange, Express Money, Remit2India and Swych. Mehul is founder and CEO of DeZai. Caspo, PEaaS, Joovo and Zopus. Mehul has served on the board of several tech companies. Mehul Co-founded C-SAM with Sam Pitroda, C-SAM was acquired by MAsterCard in 2014.

Mehul Desai

Board Advisor

Jordan Clancy is an experienced VC investing in over 30 early-stage companies. His primary focus is in early-stage Southwest companies, entrepreneurs, and entities that have the potential to benefit New Mexico. He is Fund Manager for Abo Direct Investments, a family-office investment vehicle in New Mexico, and a General Partner in the New Mexico Vintage Fund, a micro-VC fund. He brings 15 years of finance, business development and strategic growth experience to each of his investments and works closely with management teams to scale profitably.

Jordan Clancy

Board Advisor

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