Wink Heads to NRF for Exclusive Showcase of E-Commerce Checkout Innovations

Headed to New York for the National Retail Federation’s big show? Stop by and say hi to  our Wink team. We will showcase groundbreaking advancements in checkout technology in booth #8044. As a premier invitee to the exclusive Innovation Lab, we’re set to unveil game-changing demos that redefine the shopping experience so retailers can grow conversions, cut fraud, and connect with their customers on a more personalized level.

At the heart of our showcase is the demonstration of how Biometrics can be leveraged by retailers to streamline the shopping journey from check-in to a frictionless checkout — a revolutionary system requiring only the shopper’s face and voice — that can be implemented for retailers existing online, in store or mobile checkout utilizing any standard camera enabled device. Whether its drive-thru purchase, self-checkout in a cashierless store, automated lockers for pickup, live event or sports venues requiring accelerated processing, selling age restricted items or many such use cases, checking out with just your face without requiring a card or a mobile phone is set to disrupt things again.

In another demonstration of checkout for e-commerce, we will be showcasing PazeSM, a brand new wallet with 150 million pre-filled and tokenized card numbers registered for US shoppers at many of the nation’s leading banks. The Wink checkout experience integrated with the Paze checkout experience is designed to enhance conversions and reduce fraud for merchants by removing passwords and manual card entry for the hundreds of millions of pre-enrolled Visa and MasterCard cardholders. Moreover, merchants utilizing Wink’s plug-in technology for e-commerce platforms like Adobe Magento will be able to enjoy the Paze functionality out of the box without writing any line of code.

Join us at NRF to witness firsthand how Wink’s technology is poised to make checkout experiences faster, more secure, and frictionless, marking a significant leap forward in the future of retail.

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