Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business Transactions with Wink Checkout

Wink Checkout is a cutting-edge payment processing solution that offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality for businesses of all sizes. With its advanced features such as multiple payment processor support, PCI compliance, card tokenization, and passwordless biometric authentication, Wink Checkout ensures you can manage your payment operations with ease and efficiency. Wink gives every merchant an advanced payment stack for their business to match the features, security and experience offered by the largest merchants on the internet but without the cost and the complexity. Wink Checkout is the ideal choice for any business wanting to optimize payment processes and drive growth.

Discover the 7 Key Features of the Wink Checkout Platform

See how you can get the most advanced payment and customer authentication stack for your e-commerce operations without investing millions into development, customization and also without hiring your own payments and security team.

 Payment Gateway Flexibility (Bring your own payment processing relationship)

Wink’s payment authentication platform offers merchants access to our pre-built integrations to more than 200 payment gateways, providing a high level of flexibility and convenience. Wink makes it possible for you to utilize your preferred provider without you having to spend time and money doing integration with that provider (even if the provider doesn’t offer a plug-in for your e-commerce platform).

 1-click checkout or guest checkout, you choose

Wink checkout has built-in 1-click checkout functionality as well as a guest checkout mode meaning you don’t have to invest in different plug-ins for doing different things or handling different customer journeys in different ways. Wink’s 1-click checkout is completely passwordless meaning that your consumer doesn’t have to create or remember yet another password to utilize a blazing fast checkout experience on your website.

 Account Takeover Protection using Biometrics

Here’s where you can boast of having features that even the most popular merchants on the internet don’t have. Plus this feature is configurable, meaning you can deploy it to protect against the most severe fraudulent situations and minimize checkout friction for your frequent shoppers. Wink uses advanced device, facial and voice based recognition to provide checkout authentication when needed, all without requiring the creation of any passwords. 

 Multiple Payment Methods

Merchants have the flexibility to accept and process a variety of popular payment methods such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and others using our pre-built checkout flows using these popular payment methods. Additionally, Wink’s knowledgeable and expert payments team is available to add, on demand, a local payment method you need or if you want to take advantage of growing new trend like buy now, pay later (BNPL).

 Card Tokenization and Vaulting

Wink automatically tokenizes each card transaction ensuring the best processing rate, best acceptance rates and the lowest fraud chances automatically for each and every payment transaction. Optionally, your shopper can take advantage of Wink’s card vaulting capability to connect a frequently used card with their biometrics to ensure 1-click checkout on future visits. In future, we will also be bringing network tokenization to this capability which will unlock processing discounts from major processors

 PCI Compliance and Industry leading security

At Wink, we understand the importance of compliance and have built our platform with the most advanced security stack and taking PCI compliance in mind. The Wink platform enables companies to seamlessly operate on sensitive payment data without ever touching it. The Zero Data Platform shields you from sensitive data by substituting sensitive, raw payment data in real time, replacing it with non-relational aliases (a form of synthetic data) in place of original values. Wink operates at the network level, so your systems never come into contact with sensitive data. You stay completely protected without any architecture changes or the need to integrate a separate API; freeing your organization to focus on growing your business rather than the liability of protecting it.


   Wink’s Payment Authentication Platform empowers merchants to take control of their payment gateway updates, eliminating the need to depend on third-party providers for security and feature enhancements. With Wink, version upgrades and releases are seamlessly integrated, minimizing compatibility issues with payment gateways when upgrading to newer versions of the platform. This approach ensures that merchants can stay up-to-date with the latest features and security measures, providing a reliable and secure payment processing solution for their customers

What makes Wink the right choice for your store?

Choosing Wink  unlocks a world of effortless payment processing, advanced security, and effortless integration with the power of multi-factor biometric authentication. Experience firsthand why Wink is the ultimate solution to drive your business growth and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Save on Compliance Costs

Compliance can cause 100s of thousands of dollars every year. With Wink you get it built-in and included for a fraction of the cost. Wink ensures that your customers’ data is always protected. Trust in Wink to keep your business secure.

Save on Fraud Prevention Costs

Wink utilizes advanced biometric authentication for each payment transaction that uses 1-click checkout. Wink’s tokenization technology also ensures that each card is verified for ownership by the rightful user. This completely eliminates stolen credit cards from your environment. Additionally, Wink offers on demand connectivity to your favorite fraud management platform such as Kount, Forter, Signifyd, Riskified and others without you having to invest in such integration.

Save on Processing Costs

Wink’s versatile payment solution can be tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries, offering an exceptional option for companies looking to optimize their payment services. Do not get locked into a single payment provider or pay a premium just because your low cost processing provider is not available on your e-commerce platform or because you don’t have the engineering bandwidth to integrate to a new provider.

Competitive Pricing 

With Wink, merchants can take advantage of multiple payment processors, giving them the flexibility to manage their transactions and optimize their costs. With the ability to switch between processors and route transactions based on various criteria, merchants can ensure the smooth operation of their payment processes and competitive pricing.

Customized Routing

Wink’s flexible and efficient payment processing system can be customized to a merchant’s specific needs. With the ability to route to different processors based on merchant- defined criteria, Wink ensures smooth and reliable payment processing for businesses of all sizes to meet their needs and goals.

Built-in Failover System 

With built-in redundancy and failover capabilities, businesses can rest easy knowing that they have a backup plan in place in case of unexpected processor failures.

Eliminate Cart Abandonment

As part of the Wink ecosystem, Wink Checkout integrates seamlessly with Wink Login, a passwordless login feature ensuring customers will never be locked out of your checkout experience due to a forgotten password. Say goodbye to Reset Password flow and customer care queries about account access problems. This ensures a consistent and streamlined experience for both your business and your customers, providing a powerful and cohesive solution for your payment and identity needs. Moreover we have built Wink Checkout in an omni-channel fashion which brings all these capabilities to your website, to your mobile app and even in-store !!




Streamlined Checkout Experience

Wink provides a personalized checkout experience, enabling you to customize it to suit your brand and audience. This empowers you to:

Customized Checkout Forms

With our checkout form customization feature, you can easily create unique and branded checkout forms that align with the look and feel of your website. This helps to establish trust with your customers and increase your conversion rates.

Responsive Design For Any Device

We understand you need to meet your customers where they are. That’s why we ensured the Wink platform supports responsive design and optimization on any device.  This way  your customers can trust that no matter how they reach you, they’ll always get the seamless user experience they prefer.



Grow with Wink

As your business grows it is crucial to have a checkout solution that can expand alongside it. With Wink’s scalable payment solution, businesses can seamlessly adjust to different stages of growth and handle increasing transaction volumes.

Flexible Pricing

Wink offers customized pricing plans that cater to your business size and transaction volume, allowing you to pay for the services you need without any additional costs. This flexibility ensures that you get the most value out of your investment, regardless of your business’s growth stage or payment processing requirements.

Seamless Upgrades

Scaling your payment processing solution is effortless with Wink. As your business grows, you can seamlessly upgrade your plan to accommodate increased transaction volumes and additional features, ensuring that your payment solution remains efficient and optimized.

High-Volume Processing

With the capability to handle high transaction volumes, Wink’s payment authentication platform ensures that your payment processes remain efficient and seamless, especially during peak periods.


Outstanding Customer Support

At Wink, we take pride in our outstanding customer support. When you choose Wink, you can expect nothing but the best, including:

Personalized Guidance and Support

You can count on Wink’s knowledgeable and responsive experts to offer personalized guidance and are ready to help you with any issues you may encounter. Rest assured that your concerns will be addressed promptly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Unlock the full potential of the Wink Authentication Platform with our extensive knowledge base! Access a wealth of articles, tutorials, and documentation to help you seamlessly integrate Wink Checkout and make the most of its powerful features.

Dedicated Account Management

Wink provides tailored account management for large and enterprise clients. You can count on our experts to offer personalized assistance and guidance that can help you optimize your payment processes and maximize your return on investment.


Leverage the “Win” in Wink

In today’s competitive business environment, having a reliable, secure, and efficient payment solution is crucial for success. With Wink, you not only get all the benefits of enhanced security, seamless integrations, customizable checkout experience, global payment processing, scalability, and outstanding customer support, but also the added value of passwordless biometric authentication. This innovative authentication method eliminates the need for weak and easily compromised passwords, providing a more secure and convenient payment experience for both customers and merchants. By choosing Wink, you can streamline your payment processes, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your business with confidence.