The Only Biometric Identity and Payments Platform.

Wink enables any institution to offer simpler and superior identity and payments experiences through biometrics. The Wink platform brings facial and voice recognition-based multi-factor authentication and payments that can eliminate passwords, SMS/OTP, usernames, card numbers and other older technologies that are memory or device based.

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Identity with Commerce

Learn about Wink's Authentication Platform in the Qualcomm Snapdragon Chassis concept car.

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A wink without
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Integrate the Wink streaming checkout plug-in to eliminate fraud with our unique face- and voice-based user recognition. Dramatically improve conversions and eliminate cart abandonments as consumers simply smile to check-out. Make long checkout forms and forgotten passwords a thing of the past.

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Our encryption raises
the bar. It’s anonymous,
it’s multi-factor

The industry’s first multi-factor biometric authentication combines the convenience and security of face-id type experience enhanced by strong digital voice printing. Our unique and patented one-way anonymous encryption technology ensures full privacy protection as the unique Wink ID represents the user’s face and voice data as a 3D model of numbers and characters that cannot be decrypted. Unparalleled Security, Guaranteed.


Integration is as easy as
smiling at someone

The Wink platform isn’t just simple and quick to use, it’s also swift and seamless to integrate across all of your favorite platforms. Compatible with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and others. Whether your shoppers use your mobile app or internet website, our No Code/Low Code model makes it easy to get up and running in no time at all.


Say hello
to 3FA - the next tier
of authentication

E-Commerce fraud and identity theft on the internet not only put your shoppers at risk, they also can damage your reputation. Wink’s 3 Factor biometric authentication combines state of the art facial recognition, digital voice printing and advanced payment tokenization technologies, so you can offer the safest checkout experience on the internet and eliminate tons of costs through simpler PCI and ISO compliance and advanced fraud prevention.


Device agnostic tech
that works securely
in the cloud

The industry’s first streaming video-based checkout experience for e-commerce that establishes a direct encrypted connection between the shopper’s mobile device and the Wink cloud eliminating eavesdropping malware or possibilities of data theft. Advanced multi-factor biometric authentication eliminates payment fraud while offering the convenience shoppers have come to expect from Face ID. AI and Machine learning further enhances the shopping experience to provide the ultimate checkout experience on the planet. Disruptive new AI and biometric-based technology for the safest and most convenient checkout experience. Recognize the difference with Wink.


Interested? Join the WINKverse

Enable your customers with the ease of Wink checkouts. Our plug-and-play checkout tech helps businesses increase conversions and offers a seamless, secure and speedy checkout option empowered by Biometrics and A.I.


All cart data is automatically retrieved from user’s Wink profile from Wink sends payment to merchant’s payment processor and the order is processed upon receiving authentication.


Wink integrates with an ordering app inside a smart car. It can authenticate the user based upon the user's face and voice data. Wink sends linked payment data automatically to the merchant's payment processor. Wink's integration with car GPS will notify the merchant when the car is arrived for pickup.

Order by

Wink integrates with merchant's voice ordering system like an automated digital assistant. It can authenticate the user based upon the user's phone and voice data. Wink sends linked payment data automatically to the merchant's payment processor and the order is processed without user speaking card data on the phone


The Wink app on the retailer's POS system asks for permission to scan the buyer's face. An anonymous encrypted portal opens up, the user is identified and the linked payment token is generated. The merchant processes the order when they receive payment from Wink.


Wink on Android Auto guides the user to the nearest EV station when the battery is low. Wink makes the payment with voice or face authentication. Absolute ease of use using Wink smart charging solutions.

Biometrics in

Wink can rise above being just a digital assistant. It can authenticate payments and can personalize settings, replacing manual controls. It can also control and operate keys, becoming the intelligent assistant, just like in sci-fi movies.


When the smart parking app on Android Auto is powered by Wink, it provides info to the driver about available parking spots. It enables payment automatically when the car is parked.

Merchant Benefits
With Wink

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Zero-Click Camera Checkout Unmatched Authentication

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Password Elimination

Guest Checkout Elimination (each Winkverse merchant can access all Winkverse shoppers)

Full-Service Payment Orchestration (cards, wallets, BNPL, crypto...)

Customer Analytics

Reduced Cart Abandonment

No passwords, no card numbers on merchant platform means heavily reduced fraud and compliance costs

Wink checkout plug-in

Wink identifies and authenticates user with strong voice and face recognition

All cart data is automatically retrieved from user’s Wink profile from ( email, phone, address, delivery preference, payment token )

Merchant processes the order upon receiving authenticated payment confirmation via Wink

Checkout securely with a smile within seconds without passwords within seconds with a smile