Wink Biometric Payments and Identity Platform announces pre-seed funding

Wink is on a mission to eliminate identity theft and payments fraud on the internet while enhancing user convenience and speed for e-commerce transactions. Wink announced the successful close of a pre-seed funding round of $2.85 million, highly oversubscribed against its goal of $1 million. Wink’s biometric payments and identity platform uses advanced face, voice and device recognition combined with AI and Machine learning, to truly eliminate passwords and card numbers from e-commerce. The venture was launched by serial entrepreneur Deepak Jain, who has previously built transformational businesses and products in the NFC payments, neobanking, blockchain and cross border payment spaces.

Have We Outgrown Passwords?

How many usernames and passwords do you have? Just think about how many accounts and websites you log into regularly.  It’s been noted in different studies that an average person can easily have 100 username and password combinations.  From your email accounts, Netflix, online shopping (at more than one store), work access, financial accounts, the […]