Passwords are the worst. How Cloud-based biometrics is changing authentication.

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Did you know an average person spends 145 days of their life just entering their passwords? That is 3,480 hours when they get it right. Unfortunately, the majority get it wrong… a lot. Over 75 percent of people surveyed said they had to reset a password for one of their apps within just the past 90 days. That’s a lot of people resetting their passwords, some of us more than others. However, being ridiculously time-consuming and inconvenient barely scratches the surface of why passwords truly are the worst.

Not only are passwords annoying, but they are inherently unsafe as well … think corporate data breaches, stolen identities, and fraud. It’s a complicated choose-your-own-ending nightmare where most outcomes are pretty terrible with damage that could take decades to resolve, if ever. It’s clear that passwords have reached their shelf life. Companies have been talking about finding alternatives to passwords for years, but the solutions available never truly eliminated passwords least of all met all the requirements for usability and safety. Customers are now bogged down with OTP links, password reset flows, or they get stuck in a Groundhog’s Day of emailed verification links and time-outs.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said “Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining,” and this blog is not just a rant on passwords. There is a solution, and everyone can benefit. You guessed it—just get rid of passwords altogether; easy peasy. With advances in biometric technology, logging in without entering any passwords is finally a reality. Wink’s passwordless login uses this technology to authenticate users without passwords by making users the key–literally–to logging in to their favorite apps. Cloud-based biometric multi factor authentication factors are intrinsically safer and substantially more secure than a password.

So how exactly does passwordless login work? It’s simple. Your developers might be skeptical at first, but when they see how heavy-hitting a few lines of code can be, they’ll definitely be on board. After a quick integration, Wink can verify your face and voice, not passwords, to login to any app or e-commerce site that has integrated Wink..

For example, during password-based authentication, the password provided by the user is matched against a database managed by the app provider, retailer, employer, etc. And that database can be targeted by hackers and subject to a data breach. However, with passwordless authentication using facial recognition or voice authentication , a user’s distinctive characteristics are compared against a tokenized version of their facial and voice patterns.  This eliminates weak passwords. And the combination of tokenized voice, face and even device characteristics provides a much stronger authentication than a password ever could – with nothing for you to remember. It’s clear, it’s time to finally ditch passwords and instead use biometric authentication solutions like Wink.

The future of safe, secure passwordless authentication and login is just a WINK away.

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