Top three ways to improve your customer’s shopping experience and boost a company’s bottom line

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Imagine: your customer is really excited about that amazing sale you have going on right now.  They are shopping online, and there is only one left of the item they want. That’s okay, you’ve made it easy for your customers to shop online, right?  But the online guest checkout form takes forever to complete.  Your customer has forgotten their password for the online site and is waiting for a new one-time code delivered to reset that password. By the time that is done, the item is sold out … or worse, they have decided to just move on to another retailer. Either way, you have an unhappy customer and you’ve potentially lost more sales.

What do you do? These three ways to improve your customer’s shopping experience and a company’s bottom line will help address these issues and keep your customers.

  1. Remember your user so they don’t have to.
    One of the easiest things to do, that has the most impact in a user’s customer journey, is to remember who they are.  It seems simple enough but sometimes it can be an uphill battle. Navigating through helping your new or returning customer tell you who they are doesn’t need to be intrusive, time intensive, or require your customer to wait while codes are sent, or questions are answered.  Leverage platforms like Wink that recognize a user within the ecosystem quickly — even if the user is new to you.

  2. Keep it simple.
    Things don’t always have to be difficult or complicated to be secure or be good. A simple hello and a smile can tell you everything you need to know. Integrating with a biometric multi-factor authentication verification platform makes it easier for customers to access their accounts and finish their purchases. The less they must remember or the fewer pages they must click through to access their account, the better. Platforms like Wink allow users to leverage their unique biometrics to access their payment, shipping, and relevant personal information so purchases can be made quickly and efficiently. No guessing, no resetting, and most important, no abandonment.

  3. Remind them about their cart.
    While passwords can be a roadblock to a successful checkout, other times life just happens. Kids walk in and ask for snacks, phones ring, and dogs need walks. Life can sometimes interrupt a transaction at a critical time. In those cases, it is important to follow up and help your customers complete their purchases quickly and efficiently. Platforms that enable cart reminders are great, those that allow users to checkout in seconds right from their email … priceless.

With Wink’s platform, merchants can provide an unparalleled, secure, seamless, omnichannel experience to their shoppers with no clicks, no passwords, no problem.

Easy integration

Wink integration works on a low code model which makes it smooth and seamless for a merchant. One can integrate the system with just a few clicks. Wink payment platform is compatible with all the major e-com platforms it works with Android phones, iPhones and even on desktops, so your customers can easily use Wink.

Multi-factor biometric authentication

Online transaction fraud, identity theft, and e-com frauds are now yesterday’s news. Wink’s multifactor factor biometric authentication combines facial recognition, voice printing and payment tokenization to keep your customer’s identity and payment info safe and private. No usernames to enter, no passwords to remember (and type in) and no data to get stolen.

Zero click camera checkout-

Yes, Wink is changing the face of shopping, or rather authenticating your face for shopping! Once a Wink account is set up, customers can simply say, “Hello Wink” and have their face and voice recognized and their identity authenticated to continue checkout—again no usernames or passwords or PINs to remember. For merchants, integrating Wink into their architecture, this easy experience can reduce customer friction and reduce abandoned carts, improving conversion rates in the process.

Who would have thought checkout would be as easy as looking at a camera and saying, “Hello Wink.”