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Frictionless Biometric Checkout

Wink redefines the checkout experience with a seamless blend of security and simplicity. By harnessing the power of biometric authentication, Wink eliminates the need for passwords and revolutionizes the way customers shop online. With advanced technology that seamlessly integrates with any camera-enabled device, Wink empowers businesses to enhance security measures and reduce cart abandonment rates. Experience a new era of frictionless checkout that prioritizes customer convenience and elevates the overall shopping experience. 

We’re compliant so you don’t have to be.

With Wink's Magento plugin, merchants can seamlessly integrate secure biometric payments into their online stores while effortlessly ensuring PCI compliance and tokenization. Experience the freedom to offer secure and frictionless biometric payments without the burdensome complexities of PCI compliance, allowing your business to thrive and create unforgettable customer experiences.

Simplified Payment Integration

With Wink, merchants no longer need to worry about maintaining complex payment integrations. Our plugin handles it all, effortlessly connecting your Magento store to our advanced payment platform. Experience the freedom of effortless payment processing and unlock new possibilities for your business.

A World of Choice

Wink's Magento Plugin is  the gateway to a world of endless possibilities for merchants. With our innovative plugin, businesses can break free from the limitations of traditional payment processors and unlock the power of choice. Seamlessly integrate any payment processor of your preference, even those not on Adobe Commerce, and revolutionize your payment experience. Embrace the future of payments with Wink's Magento Plugin and empower your business to thrive like never before.

Trusted by Global Organizations

Retail, finance technology, automotive, travel, healthcare and entertainment industries

Processing Payments with Wink


Our native payment stack is designed to elevate your commerce experience. Seamlessly supporting all major card brands, major wallets and cryptocurrencies.


Wink offers simplified reporting, reconciliation, settlement, and transparent fee structures.


Say goodbye to ongoing technical and maintenance costs as Wink effortlessly creates a streamlined and cost-effective payment solution where innovation meets simplicity.


With over 200 payment gateways Wink provides failover security for payment processing, ensuring uninterrupted transactions guaranteeing a seamless and reliable payment experience for users.

Passwordless Checkout for Your Store
on any device anywhere anytime on any device anywhere

Data Security

Robust encryption protocols and
advanced security measures

Safeguard sensitive customer data, providing peace of mind for both businesses and consumers.

authentication techniques

With Wink advanced face and voice recognition ensures secure access to accounts and prevents unauthorized usage.

Comprehensive data
protection measures

With Wink’s  tokenization and strict privacy controls, your customers' personal and financial information remains secure, fostering trust and loyalty.

Discover Wink's Transparent Pricing Plans

Starter Plan


per month + $0.10 per txn
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Only Credit/Debit Cards

  • 1 Payment Processor support ( Bring your own processor relationship out of our list of supported one )

Advanced Plan


per month + $0.10 per txn
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Starter Plan + following additional features

  • PayPal
  • Differential Charging ( Surcharge for Credit Card / Discount for using debit cards )
  • Buy processing from us (Credit/Debit cards at competitive rates , subject to account approval )

Premium Plan


per month + $0.10 per txn
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Advanced Plan + following additional features

  • ACH+Plaid support at 1% per txn
  • Support multiple credit/debit card processors and split traffic between them

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Frequently Asked Questions

Biometric Passwordless Authentication eliminates the need for usernames and passwords by allowing users to log in and pay using their device and face. With Wink login, shoppers are never locked out of their accounts on your website.

Wink's innovative Omnichannel platform seamlessly connects with customers across all touchpoints, including in-store, online, and mobile. login works across all browsers, devices, and mobile apps, relying on the selfie camera on a user's device. With Wink, you can create a cohesive shopping experience that transcends channels, enabling effortless shopping and seamless brand engagement.

Wink's advanced technology accelerates transaction processing and login times, ensuring a seamless and lightning-fast customer experience. User profile data, such as contact info, payment method, and address, are securely stored in Wink's PCI and PII compliant vault. When users log in with their face using the selfie camera, all their data is automatically added to the login screen.

Wink login can work with your existing payment provider in most cases. Wink supports cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and continuously adds more payment methods to provide flexibility and convenience.

Wink login is PCI compliant, ensuring that card data provided by users never touches your systems, minimizing the risk of compromise. Wink also tokenizes card data, allowing your payment provider to offer you the best pricing.

Wink's advanced verification technology, including biometric and behavioral analysis, provides superior fraud protection for merchants. By detecting and preventing fraud attempts in real-time, Wink ensures a secure operation without worrying about losses due to fraudulent transactions.

Wink's payment authentication platform offers over 200 payment gateways, providing flexibility and convenience for merchants to expand their business and cater to a broader customer base.

Adding new payment methods, changing payment providers, or adding backup payment providers is effortless with Wink. These changes are handled on the Wink backend server with zero impact on your website or app.

With Wink's seamless shopping experience and single-click login feature, repeat purchases are simplified, empowering customers with a streamlined and efficient return experience. By reducing friction and enhancing convenience, Wink drives repeat business and fosters long-term customer relationships.

Wink has obtained industry-leading certifications such as PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC 2 Type II compliance. This commitment to security ensures that merchants and customers can trust Wink's payment authentication platform to protect their sensitive information.

Have more questions? Check out our technical support documentation here.

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