Wink Wins Best of Show at FinovateSpring 2023 with

Biometric Authentication Demo

Winning demo showcases generative AI with liveness detection to strengthen Wink’s biometrics identity and payments platform

PLANO, Texas (PRWEB) June 1,2023

Wink, a pioneer in multi-modal biometric authentication and payments, proudly announces its prestigious recognition as a Best of Show winner at FinovateSpring 2023. In a lineup of carefully selected startups showcasing cutting-edge innovations in fintech and AI, Wink’s innovation in the various areas of facial and voice recognition, especially with its new voice liveness detection technology using generative AI, biometrically enhanced human presence check for validating financial transactions, and the use of multi-modal biometrics in a multitude of banking and payment use cases, drew one of the largest amount of votes, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner.

Finovate conferences serve as a platform to showcase advancements in fintech, and Wink’s recognition highlights the potential in the market for the broad adoption of biometrics and AI for delivering an enhanced user experience while ensuring the safety and security of our most sensitive transactions.  By harnessing the power of facial and voice recognition with a zero-knowledge architecture, Wink powers effortless and smart authentication and payments experiences, eliminating the vulnerabilities and fraud associated with the currently adopted methods. The newly launched multi-modal liveness detection feature by Wink is designed to differentiate both face and voice of a real human user from an AI generated, recorded video or deepfake of the same user — a key in helping prevent fraud by hackers and bots trying to access sensitive accounts or conducting unauthorized transactions.

During the seven minute live on-stage demo, Wink’s Founder and CEO, Deepak Jain, successfully showcased a user logging into their account on any device with a camera, while ensuring the security of their identity. This included stepping up the authentication to include voice verification, if the user’s face was partially covered or blurred, an industry first for a biometric passwordless system. In the second part of the demo, a hack was simulated using recorded video of a real person which was successfully detected and rejected by Wink’s AI in real time. Wink then went on to demonstrate an industry first biometric human presence check to validate a financial transaction such as a wire transfer to replace the highly vulnerable and phishable SMS/OTP code-based 2nd factor verification used today by most institutions. The demo concluded by showcasing the same user conducting a handsfree, face biometrics-based payment transaction on a commercial point of sale terminal. This unparalleled combination of convenience and security sets Wink apart as an industry trailblazer, reshaping the future of authentication and payments.

We are thrilled and deeply honored to receive the Best of Show award at FinovateSpring 2023,” said Jain. “This recognition reinforces the validation from the market of our mission to make smart biometric authentication and payments technology accessible to every institution that wants to build and deliver outstanding authentication and payments experiences to their consumers. We are grateful to the assembled judges and industry peers for their recognition and to our remarkable team for their tireless efforts in making Wink the industry pioneer it is today.”

As a recipient of the Best of Show award, Wink is even more motivated to keep innovating and disrupting one of the financial industry’s most pressing challenges: delivering fraud free experiences without compromising user growth. Wink stands committed to bringing the best of biometric technology to everyone, empowering both businesses and individuals with a seamless and trustworthy customer experience.

About Wink

Wink provides a device agnostic multifactor biometric identity and payments platform that combines advanced face and voice recognition, AI, advanced ML, and ChatGPT technology for fast, secure passwordless login and payment experiences. Wink has been recognized as one of the top biometric startups and has several patents pending on using biometrics in passwordless authentication, e-commerce, retail and car payments. Wink payments platform supports major payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and major wallets popular with consumers. Wink’s platform also supports sending biometric payments to more than 200 major gateways. Wink’s technology also provides advanced network tokenization and PCI compliant data protection to customers looking to bring fraud free payments to their consumers. For more information visit

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