Wink Wins FinovateSpring Best in Show

Wink CEO and Founder, Deepak Jain, took the Finovate Spring 2023 stage by storm, presenting the groundbreaking biometric face and voice authentication technology that showcased how businesses can revolutionize customer interactions, mitigate fraud, and boost their financial success. Wink’s extraordinary demonstration captivated the audience, leading to the well-deserved recognition of the esteemed “Best in Show” award at FinovateSpring 2023. Experience the award-winning Wink demo below and witness the future of secure and seamless authentication.

A person’s career shouldn’t be consumed by entering passwords. Cybercrime complaints and financial losses are reaching staggering numbers. It’s time for businesses to embrace Wink, the groundbreaking solution that replaces passwords with your face and voice, elevating security, convenience, and peace of mind. Say farewell to account takeovers, phishing attacks, and compromised credentials. With Wink, biometrics empower your customers with effortless passwordless access, ushering in a new era of safety and ease.

Financial institutions, fintechs, service providers, and platforms can join the passwordless movement with minimal effort. Wink’s unique passwordless SDK works seamlessly across devices, browsers, and apps, regardless of the operating system or hardware. By integrating the “Login with Wink” button, developers can swiftly unlock a world of secure authentication.

Picture this: as a banker, imagine transforming your branch lobby with a check-in kiosk or tablet. With a simple tap of “login with Wink,” multi-factor authentication springs into action. In seconds, Wink’s AI confirms identities, providing app developers with tokenized user profiles. It’s a level of authentication a debit card and PIN simply can’t provide.

But what sets Wink apart from FaceID on iPhones? FaceID is limited to personal devices, leaving businesses without the ability to secure workflows like branch visitor authentication or loan applicant identification. Wink’s multi-factor authentication eliminates the need for annoying OTP codes and costly SMS expenses, which can be phished and spoofed. Even when a face is obscured, Wink prompts voice verification, analyzing patterns and rejecting fraudulent attempts. Our revolutionary voice verification technology includes liveness checks, thwarting AI-generated or recorded voices that hackers may exploit.

Deepfakes pose a threat to face recognition systems, but Wink makes them truly impossible. If a fraudster attempts to use a video of a customer, Wink’s liveness detection detects the forgery, leveraging tokenized and vectorized data sets for analysis. Wink’s platform neutralizes the power of deepfake technology, ensuring authenticity and providing an impenetrable fortress against fraud.

Wink also revolutionizes SMS 2nd factor authentication by replacing OTP codes with facial biometrics. Users can send verification SMS messages from their computers and authenticate themselves through face and voice verification. Now, you can rest assured that your users are genuinely verifying themselves, eliminating the risks of SIM card hijacking and unauthorized access.

With a simple smile or a quick voice prompt, customers can effortlessly access their accounts, confident that Wink’s robust security measures stand as an impenetrable fortress against fraudulent attempts. Welcome to a new era of authentication, where the impossible becomes possible with Wink.

Wink’s integration of face and voice biometric authentication enhances the customer experience, providing seamless access across mobile banking apps, ATMs, and in-branch interactions. This improves customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for banks.

Recent studies show that consumers prefer using biometrics over passwords, with the majority considering it more secure. It’s time to move beyond passwords and the problems they bring, unlocking a new level of comfort and security with Wink.

Wink doesn’t stop at account access. We’ve worked hard to built a flexible payment authentication solution with hundreds of gateways to reduce fraud and increase the bottom line as well as collaborated with industry pioneer Qualcomm to bring hands-free payments to autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, making driving safer. 

The best part is that Wink’s modern biometric authentication technology is available to fintechs and institutions of all sizes for their applications. Don’t be left behind. Wink can bring passwordless technology to all your apps, users, ATM machines, branches, and cars—all while prioritizing user privacy and data control.

With Wink, authentication becomes secure, seamless, and uniquely you. Experience the transformative power of Wink, where convenience and security unite.